PBR - Physical Based Rendering

Realtime PBR photorealism is here!

PBS - Physical Based Scanning

Our Physical Based Scanning approach enables us to scan planar surfaces or complex 3D objects in unprecedented quality, resulting in amazing high-end PBR materials and seamless 3D meshes. PBR stands for 'Physical Based Rendering', meaning that a set of PBR materials enable photo-realistic (physically correct) 3D rendering.

The generated Digital 3D Twins are uploaded automatically to our nukleus.cloud platform, which is an ultraslim MAM (Media Asset Management) system. Digital 3D Twin hosting, publishing and further processing is managed entirely in nukleus.cloud.

Our tools n' toys

C++ is our daily bread and butter, often in combination with Unity3D C# scripts or Unreal Engine. On the server/web side, our technologies of choice are MongoDB, node.js and vue.js.

Our skills

With us, you can take proper crossplatform (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS) software development for granted - scaling of complex cloud infrastructure included.
We are truly experienced in all sorts of 2D and 3D data acquisition, processing and publishing.

How can we help you? :-)