Hi! I am Zoran

I am a hardcore software developer with a wide range of software development experience, ranging from low level software and firmware development to high level desktop and service software development. Particularly interested in 3D Graphics, Computer Vision, Character animations, Linux kernel and C++ template metaprogramming, information retrieval, latent semantic analysis.

Specialties: C++, boost, Objective-C, Qt, CUDA, OpenGL/ES, GLSL, OpenCV, VoIP, Android NDK, iOS/MacOS SDK, CEF, Linux, embedded software development.

Below you will find some of the products I've been working on.

Zoran Angelov


Design and implementation of a system for streaming and presenting 3D content for WEB.

Seavus Project Viewer

Design and implementation of a client desktop application for viewing Microsoft Project files (.mpp). The project also involves reverse engineering of the .mpp file format.


Design and implementation of iMindQ (formerly known as DropMind) desktop application.


Design and implementation of a service for monitoring vehicle alarms equipped with GPS/GSM modules. The service was responsible for communicating with the alarms via dialup connection (lately replaced with GPRS) for live tracking and history log retrieving.

Link: http://gps.mk/index.php/language/en/home/

Classical TV ROKU channel

A channel for the ROKU TV BOX platform, for watching classical music videos.

iD framework

Multiplatform (iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Linux) C++ libraries bundle used by computer vision scientists while prototyping algorithms for iD platofrm. The framework covers windowing system, 3D graphics, device HAL, file system and networking.