Hi! I am Zana

I was born in September 1993 in Kurdistan, Iran. I started image processing in MATLAB and later moved to C++ and OpenCV to improve performance. Actually, I always need more speed! During the past 7 years, I have worked as an embedded computer vision and robot perception engineer. I always follow the news and enjoy exploring future trends in hardware and software. You can find some of my works in imrid.net, where I share the tips and tricks I have learned to speed up computer vision algorithms.

I’m also a geek of traditional Iranian music. I like mixed martial arts and biking!


I have special experience in embedded computer vision and robot perception.
Through my work I gained profound technical know-how in C++, OpenCV, ROS, and single board computers.

One of my main works from the past is PapCAD, a software for diagnosing cervical cancer in PAP-Smear images. My main contribution to this project was the design and implementation of a fast, robust, and accurate cell segmentation algorithm. Our software can analyse a whole slide image in just 5 minutes on a conventional laptop.

Zana Zakaryaie


I was invited to Mindcraft in 2021. I see great guys here. They are true professionals with very nice personalities. I learn from them and try to help in creating values that we believe to have a high potential in making our lives better.