Hi! I am Susanne

I was born in May 1972 and am living in Basel, Switzerland.
Specialities: Storyboard, Animation, Webdesign.

I am a passionate designer and storyteller and started my career already at the age of five when I created my first booklet. In the late 90ies, I started working as a pioneer web designer where I developed my technical and graphic skills. In 2004, I published my first book, followed by eleven more. As a passionate and ambitious designer, I always enjoyed creating all covers and marketing utilities myself.

In 2014, I successfully completed my bachelor grade in film and video editing in Oslo, Norway.
Below you find some projects I`ve been creating the past years.

Susanne Wittpennig

Simple animated storyboard for a short movie, drawn with iPad

Time Travel Girl Poster, made with iPad and Photoshop/Illustrator

Time TravelGirl Poster