Hi! I am Alex

I am born in 1978, and live in Russia. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum, so my first programming language was Basic, the second one was Assembler for ZX Spectrum. I have a Master’s degree in Radioelectronic Devices and a Doctoral degree in Solid State Physics - achieved through my programming experience. I have excellent understanding in the physics of ultrasound propagation in solid materials, plastic deformation, radio electronics. I am skilled in C++ programming and Linux servers supporting.

Some of my latest projects connected with scientific work:

Alexey Lunev


Software communicating with universal test machine W+B Ag and Rigol oscilloscope allowing measurement mechanical and ultrasonic parameters in solid materials under loading.


Welding parameters measurement

It is very important to know parameters of welding process allowing estimating the quality of weld joints. This software read the waveforms of arc voltage and welding current, then calculates average values and quality parameters.