Josua Hönger

Founder & Managing Director, CEO (Creative Engineering Officer)
Enterpreneur, inventor and creative coder since young age.
Humble servant.

Christian Loos

Founder & Managing Director, CTO
Multimedia expert, 17 years of experience in software architecture and lead programming.
Profound technical know-how in C/C++, Qt, C#, Java, JavaScript, node.js, PHP, OpenGL, Direct3D.

Ralph Zahn

Managing Director, CFO
30 years of experience in founding and leading startups to success.
PhD in natural sciences, expert in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics.

Susanne Wittpennig

Visual Design Lead
A lifetime of experience in multmedia arts, visual design and interactive user experiences.
Profound know-how in content creation, image and video editing.

Alexey Lunev

Dr. in Physics, Head of Software Development
Expert in solid state physics and technical data processing. 13 years of experience in software development.
Profound technical know-how in C/C++, Qt.

Zoran Angelov

Head of R&D
19 years of professional experience in software development.
Profound technical know-how in C/C++, Qt, OpenGL/ES, Direct3D, CUDA, HLSL/GLSL, OpenCV, embedded software development.

Amirhossein Gholami

Computer Vision Algorithm Developer
Expert in 3D Reconstruction Algorithms, 5 years of experience in Close Range Photogrammetry & Computer Vision especially in 3D Reconstruction.
Profound technical know-how in 3D Reconstruction, C++, Structure From Motion (SFM), SLAM, PointCloud processing, Sensor Fusion.

Zana Zakaryaie

Computer Vision Software Developer
Expert in embedded computer vision and robot perception.
Profound technical know-how in C++, OpenCV, ROS, and single board computers.

Lukas Käch

Head of QA, 3D Scans
Passionate game artist, experienced in modeling and texturing software such as Maya and Substance Painter.
Diploma in Game Art & 3D Animation at SAE Zurich.