3D laser scanners at another level.
A big range of professional 3D laser scanners for the most demanding use-cases. Unmatched precision and usability.
The amazing scantech technology is developed by a team of expert engineers in Hangzhou, China.
mindcraft is scantechs partner of choice for sales in Switzerland.


Unmatched photogrammetry engine and SDK.
3D Flow Engine is one of the worlds leading photogrammetry engines, made in Italy.
The superior technology in combination with the incredibly competent, diligent, supportive and friendly 3D FLOW team has conquered our hearts and has become the backbone of our own photogrammetry experiments.

digital frontier

Powerful Solutions for Positive Growth.
Award winning solutions in VR/AR/MR, 3D Rendering, Product and Service Marketing.
Located in Chengdu/China, driven by innovation, 2 decades of experience in successful business specifically in China, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, US, Europe, one of the first companies successfully monetizing AR/VR/MR.


Developing people and companies.
Professional consulting, PIM (product information management), IM (Information modelling) and so much more.
On site in Australia (Melbourne), Bulgaria (Sofia), Germany (Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Austria (Vienna, Feldkirch), Switzerland (Zurich, Uster, Baar), with 130+ employees.
Specifically targeting industrial 3D scans and Augmented Commerce projects in cooperation with mindcraft.